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Our mission at Kintaba is to make companies more resilient by helping them embrace imperfection and conscious improvement.

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Meet the team

John Egan

John Egan, CEO

LinkedIn, Twitter

Cofounder and CEO at Kintaba, John is a serial entrepreneur and passionate product leader. Prior to Kintaba, John helped to lead enterprise and infrastructure products at Facebook, shipping experiences that touched the lives of billions of users and was also previously co-founder and CEO of YCombinator-backed Caffeinated Mind (acquired).

Cole Potrocky

Cole Potrocky, CTO

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Cofounder and CTO at Kintaba, Cole is a seasoned engineer with a history of building scalable, efficient infrastructure and product for some of the world’s largest and most complex technology companies. Prior to Kintaba, Cole was most recently a senior tools and infrastructure engineer at Facebook, focused on optimizing the efficiency of both its product and people.

Zac Morris

Zac Morris, CSO

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Cofounder and CSO at Kintaba, Zac is a highly experienced engineering leader with a history of securing some of the world’s largest and most popular products. Most recently in charge of mobile application security at Uber, Zac also previously worked as part of the core security team at Facebook and was CTO at YCombinator-backed Caffeinated Mind (acquired).

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